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Mental Mechanics: Don’t Stress Over Stress

It is also a term that has been twisted, tortured and bent to take on many forms over the years. 

Originally coming from centuries of use in the world of Physics. It was used to explain elasticity, or the property of a material to resume its original shape and size after being influenced by an external force. 

Mental Mechanics: Change is in the Air

September begins the season of change. It is one of the most significant times of year. The August heat is beginning to submit to cooler days. The pumpkin has once again become the most popular fruit on the planet, bringing promises of pies and spiced lattes.

Mental Mechanics: Creating Meaning

One universal truth about human existence is that our lives are multidimensional. Much of our efforts focus on the physical and mental dimensions of our well-being. But we are made up of so much more. 

Mental Mechanics: Getting Back Up

I have seen this clip or read this quote in many inspirational/motivational venues. It is one of the most recognizable quotes I’ve used, either because of the relatable content or the impassioned delivery.

Mental Mechanics: Simplicity

This is one of my all-time favorites. I’m not sure if truer words were ever spoken.

I revisit it often, and it always reminds me of how complicated our lives are ONLY because we choose to make them so.

I believe simplicity is one of the most critical aspects of living a successful life. Think about it, when things are going well for you, most likely, the process is simple.

Mental Mechanics: Presence

As humans, we LOVE the “next big thing.” We follow trends; we buy new products and programs; we want to be part of something new and exciting.

Mental Mechanics: What Makes a Champion?

Those we consider champions are the ones that reach their respective pinnacles. It could be standing on the center podium at the Olympics, hoisting a belt overhead in the center of the ring, or a trophy on the field.

Mental Mechanics: Live Your Best Life

Life is short, so live it hard.
Be more than just your business card.
Love and laugh and let things go.
Find ways each day to learn and grow. As humans, one of our deepest desires is to have a happy and meaningful life. We talk about it often.