Mental Mechanics: The Beauty of Silence

Silence is not bad
It is not awkward or sad
It is where truth lives

–       mark

Why do we fear silence?

Why do we feel as though we constantly need some type of background or ambient noise? 

Why are pauses in conversations considered awkward or bad?

One thing I know for certain…our lives are busy.  Many of us do not allow ourselves the chance to embrace moments of silence. 

We live in a society encapsulated by noise. For some, the constant background sounds act as a distraction, helping to tune out any unwanted thoughts.

For others, allowing ourselves moments of silence can provide critical opportunities for much-needed clarity. 

Finding time for silence can often be difficult, but science has shown that time spent in silence may offer benefits to multiple dimensions of our health and well-being.

Silence can aid in information processing, lower stress, stimulation of brain cells, and can boost concentration and creativity. 

That is why I enjoy time in nature. Although filled with environmental sounds (birds, wind, water, etc), it is a much-needed break from man-made noise. Although the occasional hikers, distant aircraft, or passing fisherman (asking “Catch anything”) may present themselves, the times between offer a chance to be somewhat alone with myself. 

What works best for YOU?

Today, try to find a few moments of silence. Whether a walk, or a meditation, or just sitting outside…give yourself permission to enjoy a quiet time.