Mental Mechanics: Live Your Best Life

Life is short, so live it hard.
Be more than just your business card.
Love and laugh and let things go.
Find ways each day to learn and grow. 

As humans, one of our deepest desires is to have a happy and meaningful life. We talk about it often. The internet is full of memes about people, “Living their best life.” It is a fantastic concept, but what does it really mean? 

No matter how many memes, or gurus, or influencers try to convince us of what our lives should look like, it is ultimately up to each one of us, personally. We are the experts on ourselves, and know what is best what our best life looks like. Only we can decide that for ourselves, and only we can put forth the effort and sacrifice to get it. 

My version of a dream life is probably much different than yours. Guess what, that is perfectly OK. The key is to have a solid idea of what your ideal life consists of, and what you need to achieve it. What does it mean to live YOUR best life? What will you have to do differently? What do you already have, that you can build on?

Take time today to ask those questions, then to make a plan to take just ONE step today, to move you a bit closer. Tomorrow, do the same. If you continue this pattern, it will begin to take shape. Small steps, over time, complete the journey.