Mental Mechanics: Bending, Not Breaking

The key to success
Is adaptability
Bending not breaking

–       mark

I’ll keep this brief again today.

I have been blessed to work with some of the greatest performers in the world: 

These individuals represent multiple fields, ranging from professional sports and entertainment to governments around the world, and even entertainment and the military. 

I have never focused solely on performances in their fields. I focus on performance in all areas of life. I look at the “whole person, not just the soldier, or singer, or quarterback. 

This work has spanned all age groups and ability levels. 

My unique path has truly given me a different perspective on success, adversity, and what it takes to be well in life. 

One critical component of all of these is the ability to be adaptive in life. 

Life is constantly moving around us. It will not slow down; it will not stop; it will not wait for us. It will present us with opportunities and challenges. 

It is up to us to adapt to each and continue moving forward. 

The VERY best understand this and learn to adapt early and often. 

Today, take a look at a challenge you are currently facing. Are you adapting effectively? What would the situation look like if you were to be a bit more adaptable?

This is YOUR life. Only you can make it look the way you think it should. 

Start adapting and moving forward…today.