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Mental Mechanics: Bending, Not Breaking

The key to successIs adaptabilityBending not breaking –       mark I’ll keep this brief again today. I have been blessed to work with some of the greatest performers in the world:  These individuals represent multiple fields, ranging from professional sports and entertainment to governments around the world, and even entertainment and the military.  I have never […]

Mental Mechanic: The Gift of Presence

Repeat after me, “The future is made up ofa series of NOWs” –       mark I won’t take much of your time. I want you to log off and live your life to the fullest today.  I recently spoke at the national wellness conference about elite performance and wellness.  In my workshop, I mentioned that the ability […]

Mental Mechanics: Practicing Patience

“Waiting”Keep being patientWaiting is not punishmentBut preparation –       mark Patience is not merely a virtue.  It is a necessity. It is a skill which can be developed. It is a critical part of success. Do not confuse patience with complacency. Patience is not “sitting around, doing nothing.”  Patience is deliberate. When we choose patience, we […]

Mental Mechanics: The Beauty of Silence

Silence is not badIt is not awkward or sadIt is where truth lives –       mark Why do we fear silence? Why do we feel as though we constantly need some type of background or ambient noise?  Why are pauses in conversations considered awkward or bad? One thing I know for certain…our lives are busy.  Many […]

Mental Mechanics: Living on Purpose

“Living on Purpose”Being deliberate is a key to successregarding our happiness in lifeFocusing on the things that matter mostlowers our levels of stress and strife –       mark Want to be happier in life? More successful? More connected to others?  Be more deliberate each day. Deliberate living is a key to creating the life we want.  […]

Mental Mechanics: Two Roads Diverge

Robert Frost is one of America’s most famous and influential poets. I remember reading his work “The Road Not Taken” when I was very young.  My mom explained to me that it meant that we should blaze new trails in life and break away from the status quo. She told me that following everyone else […]

Mental Mechanics: A New Story

Can I ask a quick question or two? If you started reading a book for fun, and it turned out to be incredibly boring after the first chapter, would you continue reading the next 300 pages? If you started watching a ten season show, and realized that nothing about it appealed to you after one […]

Mental Mechanics: Happy New Year

New Year’s Day morningResolutions? Sticky buns?The struggle is real As the new year is upon us, most is us woke up with a list of resolutions that we set the night before.  The beginning of a new year seems like the perfect time to make life changes, quit smoking, lose weight, try new things, change […]

Mental Mechanics: Don’t Stress Over Stress

It is also a term that has been twisted, tortured and bent to take on many forms over the years. 

Originally coming from centuries of use in the world of Physics. It was used to explain elasticity, or the property of a material to resume its original shape and size after being influenced by an external force. 

Mental Mechanics: Change is in the Air

September begins the season of change. It is one of the most significant times of year. The August heat is beginning to submit to cooler days. The pumpkin has once again become the most popular fruit on the planet, bringing promises of pies and spiced lattes.