Mental Mechanics: Presence

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

Henry David Thoreau

As humans, we LOVE the “next big thing.” We follow trends; we buy new products and programs; we want to be part of something new and exciting.

The problem with this idea is that it sometimes turns important ideas into fads or gimmicks. When meaningful concepts fall into these categories, they lose their power and become white noise. We tend to move on to whatever catches our eye next.

The ability to “be in the present” is not just a popular phrase but a recognized and scientifically proven key to elite performance.

Although being present has become a bit of a trendy phrase lately, the holistic benefits are well documented.

Experts in many fields are quick to recommend activities to help us be present, to assist in everything from increased quality of life to lowered anxiety. Shelves are lined with new books about the topic weekly. Companies are paying top dollar for speakers and programs to help their teams get an edge.

This concept is not new, it does not require expensive texts or workshops, and it can be practiced almost anywhere and anytime. Being present means that we are fully immersed in and embracing the moment. We are not judging it or allowing our thoughts to pull us away. We are simply part of it. This ability comes naturally to us, something we have as children. We become socialized to scatter our attention, take on as much as possible and judge it harshly.

Being present is not always easy. We have trained our brains to dwell on the past or try to predict the future. It takes work, but it is something we can all do. It just takes practice and deliberate intent.

Being present is the key to health and happiness. It helps cuts down on the excessive worry and helps us stay connected to the world around us.

Today, take a moment to be present. At your desk, on the floor, or on a walk outside. Just allow yourself to be part of the moment. Accept what is and that you are only part of it. Once we can take the element of judgment and control from the moment, we can simply be part of it.

This is your life. Why not be there for as much of it as you can?