Mental Mechanics: Living on Purpose

“Living on Purpose”
Being deliberate is a key to success
regarding our happiness in life
Focusing on the things that matter most
lowers our levels of stress and strife

–       mark

Want to be happier in life? More successful? More connected to others? 

Be more deliberate each day.

Deliberate living is a key to creating the life we want. 

This type of living is the best way to get from where we are, to where we want to be. 

When we learn to live deliberately, we align our actions with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. 

This helps us create a future that feels of our effort…a life worth living. 

Being deliberate means that we have an increased sense of awareness. We are more aware of our abilities, our challenges, our needs, our strengths, and how we interact with the world around us.

Being deliberate also means we are aware of those things (and people) that distract us in life. The ability to minimize these distractions allows us to fully focus on what truly matters. 

Today,  focus on being deliberate with one aspect of your life. Engage a family member, or a work task with complete awareness and focus. Notice the difference in how the interaction goes.

Life is truly what you decide to make it. By being deliberate, you give yourself the greatest chance and happiness and success.