Mental Mechanics: Practicing Patience

Keep being patient
Waiting is not punishment
But preparation

–       mark

Patience is not merely a virtue. 

It is a necessity. It is a skill which can be developed. It is a critical part of success.

Do not confuse patience with complacency.

Patience is not “sitting around, doing nothing.” 

Patience is deliberate. When we choose patience, we choose to manage those things which are outside of our control. 

Understanding that things often take time (which is usually out of our control) allows us to be intentional in practicing patience. The waiting is not usually the problem. How we choose to perceive it, manage it, and learn from it is what matters most. 

We choose to use our time wisely, we are committed to preparing ourselves for whatever comes our way, affording us a chance to be ready when opportunity arises. We are in no hurry, there will only be peace and confidence in our process. 

This allows us to be less stressed, less anxious, and less frustrated. 

Life is about awareness, development and growth, and consistent learning. These things mostly happen “behind the curtain.” They happen intentionally. They happen when we are patient with ourselves and our situation. 

Today, take a look at your own situation. Do you practice patience? Have you befriended it as a powerful ally in your journey? How would a current situation be different if you were to be more patient?

Life is what you choose to make of it. Give yourself the best chance to be successful.