Mental Mechanics: Happy New Year

New Year’s Day morning
Resolutions? Sticky buns?
The struggle is real

As the new year is upon us, most is us woke up with a list of resolutions that we set the night before. 

The beginning of a new year seems like the perfect time to make life changes, quit smoking, lose weight, try new things, change careers, or just begin a new path in life. 

Setting goals is a good thing, but it can become troublesome when they come wrapped up as resolutions.

Most of us create resolutions without giving much thought to how we will achieve them. We scribble down a few general things that we would like to accomplish, change, or leave behind in life. We forget some important steps…like how and why.

Unless we give our attention and focus to a comprehensive plan, complete with actions and contingencies, we are likely to walk away when things get tough.

If you are like me, you’ve abandoned resolutions within a few months and spent the rest of the year beating myself up for it.

Studies show that less than 20% of people keep the resolutions they set. One of the most common reasons is that we are a bit overzealous and unrealistic, over-committing in a way that is impossible to sustain. 

The good news is that we can take those resolutions and turn them into lasting lifestyle goals. 

Studies show that less than 20% of people keep the resolutions they set. Take time today to explore one resolution you made yesterday. Explore why you want it, how you can take ONE step today to get it, and what you will do to stay on course when things get tough. 

We CAN make these changes. Once we become deliberate in planning, acting, and adapting, we can navigate whatever temptations come along….even sticky buns