Mental Mechanics: Change is in the Air

“Change is enevitable, growth is optional.”

John C. Maxwell

I want to share a secret,
It might sound a little strange.
I’ve learned the only constant 
Is a little thing called change. 


September begins the season of change. It is one of the most significant times of year. The August heat is beginning to submit to cooler days. The pumpkin has once again become the most popular fruit on the planet, bringing promises of pies and spiced lattes. The bright green leaves of Spring and Summer begin their brilliant transformation cycle. Soon the forests will be engulfed in flaming oranges, yellows, and reds. This is my favorite season for several reasons. The largest of which deals with the beauty we associate with change. 

I would wager that most humans have a love-hate relationship with change. Ironically, it is the thing that happens most in our lives. Days change, weather changes, we change our minds, we change our socks, and we change jobs.  Change is literally the only thing that is consistent in our existence. 

Whether things are going really well, or really poorly, the one guarantee is that they won’t last…no matter how hard we try to hang on. Change is consistently one of our biggest societal fears. We are also socialized to think change equates to negative outcomes. Please indulge me for a moment.  Every single good and monumental thing in your life also came from change. If we can embrace the idea that nothing stays the same, and learn to adapt to whatever comes along, change cannot hurt us.  Once we become comfortable with this type of movement, it is considerably less scary. 

Today, think about change that you’ve been resisting. How has that resistance affected your life, and growth? How much better would your life be, if you made peace with it? How can you begin embracing it today?