Mental Mechanics: Creating Meaning

“Go after what creates meaning in your life, and then trust yourself to handle the stress that follows.”

Kelly McGonigal

Meaning inspires us
fueling our flames of wellness


One universal truth about human existence is that our lives are multidimensional. Much of our efforts focus on the physical and mental dimensions of our well-being. But we are made up of so much more.  One important aspect of humanity, albeit often overlooked and misunderstood, is our spirit self. Spiritual wellness is unique for each of us. It is usually the deepest part of our existence, which shapes who we are and ultimately what we do in life. This dimension can often be the most personal piece of our wellness puzzle. 

Our spiritual wellness centers around meaning and purpose. When we perceive our journey to be filled with meaning, it allows us to align our values with our efforts. Spiritual wellness can be represented in numerous ways, ranging from religion, to relaxation, to reflection. Increasing our spiritual wellness means understanding those things that provide meaning in our lives. Whether we follow organized religion or not, we all crave a sense of meaning and purpose. 

I believe the hardest part of increasing our spiritual well-being is taking the time for self-reflection. Take a few deliberate moments today to search inside yourself. Look for those things in your life that provide a deep sense of meaning. What would allow you to have more of it? What else can you do to increase meaning in your life. Make a plan and go for it. Life is too short to just push through, continuing to do things that aren’t aligned with your true purpose. 

Make your life great.