Mental Mechanics: Self-Investment

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

– Rumi

One of the greatest benefits of being human is our innate ability to want to improve. We want a better today than we had yesterday. We crave success, progress, and a better life. We all want a better world, right? If nothing else, we want to change the world to make it better for ourselves and those we care about. It is easy to look at the world as a whole, making it seem overwhelming and unchangeable. One of life’s hardest lessons to learn is that we can only ever truly change ourselves. The great news is that when we create a better version of ourselves, we impact others as well. I truly believe that one person, who has strived to be at their absolute best, can impact the world in significant ways. Look at Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, or Abraham Lincoln. These are standard examples of individuals who constantly tried to better themselves, and in the process, impacted the world. When we are productive, positive, proactive, and passionate, others take notice. Remember, like attracts like. People will want to be near you, to learn from you, and to replicate your growth.

Others will strive to have the same type of experience, changing their lives as well. If your growth assists in changing those within your corner of the world, and they follow your lead to do the same, the world itself changes. Take time today to explore your own situation. Are you living in a manner that allows you to be your best self? Do you have a clear picture of what your best self even looks like? What can you do today to help you move toward being that person? The world is a big place but imagine what it would look like if we all focused on making our part of it better. Why not start on your part today?