Mental Mechanics: Risk Taking

“Those who won’t take a chance don’t have a chance.” – Zig Ziglar

Risk-taking is scary for most of us because there is always the potential for loss. We’ve been taught to be careful and avoid taking any unnecessary chances in life. Instead, we are often cautioned to ‘play it safe’ and take small steps toward our dreams. The inherent need to feel safe and secure is one of the things that keeps us from taking risks.

We, as humans, like to stick to those things that are familiar and comfortable. While this approach does tend to ‘feel’ safer, there can also some disadvantages. We can’t build momentum by holding ourselves back. The longer we hold back, the harder it will be to move forward. Society teaches us to view risk-taking negatively, creating a sense of danger. Some risks certainly have more consequence than others, and the process should never be approached haphazardly. We should always ask ourselves what the potential negative consequences could be, and make a truly informed decision. We should also list the rewards associated with the risk. What can you gain that will allow you to be a better version of yourself? We generally don’t benefit from taking these chances, without educating ourselves on potential outcomes and preparing for both.

Take time today to explore your own situation. How do you view risk? Have chances presented themselves to you recently that you have been afraid to take? Are you facing a similar situation now? What are the potential downsides? What could you gain by taking this risk? What will ultimately move you toward the life you want?

It is important to remember that taking risks may be a necessary step in actively pursuing personal success. Try reframing your thinking, to view risk as an opportunity to succeed, rather than a path to failure. Your life will ultimately become what you decide to make it. Get a clear picture, create a workable plan, and allow yourself to succeed.