Mental Mechanics: Building Humanity

My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.

Desmond Tutu

Everything we are and could be is most likely connected to others. We could all use a lesson in how to be better humans for one another, in a time of increased self-focus. 

With our current situation, we have found ourselves separated from our normal interactions. We can’t forget how it feels to hug someone who is hurting or be hugged when we are hurting. In this world of Zoom conversations and contact through online groups, texts, distanced conversations, human contact and interaction has taken a back seat. We have also been encouraged to focus more on ourselves, and our personal lifestyle choices. It is important to remember that that it is all for the betterment of our species. It seems we are reminded of how our actions affect one another, more and more each day. Being a good human, and putting the needs of humanity over our own desires right now is what will help us make it through the current craziness together. Then, those hugs will mean even more…